Adaptive forms not able to Edit the form



Hi Everyone,

I have created an Adaptive Form in AEM 6.2, there I have written some scripts under Rule Edit. After some days when I am trying to open Rule Editor of the same Adaptive form I am unable to open it. 

Steps I've done:

    1. Open adaptive form in edit mode.

    2.    Clicked on a fragment where I want to modify java script.

    3.  The dialog does open but when clicked on Script tag and nothing happens.

Can anyone please guide me why I am not able to view rule editor on clicking Script Rule Editor option. 

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, This form looks of 6.1 FP1. Anyway, Can you share the error also if any in console logs or error logs. It would be helpful in pinpointing the problem. Ideally, this should have opened the rule editor in 6.1 FP1 as it did for you the first time.

Also, were there no changes made to the form in between the rule editor working and broken state. Could you try to reproduce this with a new form and share your experience with us, if It behaves the same way. Thanks.