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chandran8596539 06-02-2018

We have a requirement to implement the inline tool tip. Is these any OOTB to implement this in adaptive forms. Below is the screen shot for the reference, how it should look like. Thanks in advance.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

James_R_Green 06-02-2018

Hi chandran85965395

You can use the long description with inline styles or the theme editor to set the css of the message to your requirements:

Inline CSS properties for adaptive form components

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Themes in AEM Forms

They are pretty intuitive - go to the edit dropdown in the top right and change to style, then click on the textbox or other widget, then long description. Change something obvious like the text colour to get a feel for it.

Use the theme editor if you want to apply the same look and feel across more than one form and then override it on a form by form basis with inline styles if you need to.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

James_R_Green 06-02-2018

Hi chandran85965395

That's where the CSS comes in to play, look at the help icon in inspector it sets:

  1.    position: absolute;
  2.    top: 8px;
  3.    right: 8px;

to position the help (?) icon above the field, if you try styling with the theme editor, or inline styles as described in the links in my previous comment you can get a similar effect.

I tried:

  1.    position: absolute;
  2.    top: -30px;
  3.    right: 50px;

And got the following.


Of course you will need to tweak to make sure it plays well with other items on the page, but should be enough to get you started. Screenshots of my setup below:




jagjeetthukral 11-02-2018

chandran85965395​  you need to add display:none to the selector ".guideFieldDescription.long" which is the parent to the cross button.

You can do this by creating a client lib, creating a js file this code and add it as a dependency in your Adaptive form.

Hope this helps !!!


Jagjeet Singh

AEM Forms Blog

chandran8596539 08-02-2018

Thank you very much James, It helped me a lot.  Am able to it now .  But still have one more problem, If I click in 'x' it close the popup. Can you help me here.

Thanks in advance.


chandran8596539 06-02-2018

Thanks James and smacdonald2008​.

I added the Long description and help icon, but our issue is help text is coming after the field. We are looking as a popup as I shown in my previous screen shot. Just looking if there is any easy way to implement that solution.