Adaptive forms: Inline long description help text URLs not working



Hi all!  I'm testing some items in my forms setup, and am running into an issue.

In our Long Description, we want to include links to external sites.

When I try putting  a link into the Long Description, even if I use the Source Edit, the URL gets stripped out.

I put <p>This is my long description with <a href="" alt="Google" target="_blank">Google!</a></p> into my Long Description.

But when I save and preview, the link disappears and it returns <p>This is my long description with <a target="_blank" alt="Google">Google!</a></p>. The href has been removed.

What is causing this?

As a secondary question, is there a way to embed images in the Long Description?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



On AEM 6.2 - i was able to reproduce your issue. There is a bug here (it works on 6.3).  Please log a support ticket as Eng needs to fix it.


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Answers (8)



Point them to this thread URL and say that on 6.2 - the HREF is removed and we confirmed it in the communtiy. Also mention we said it worked on AEM 6.3.



Hi Jim!

I am trying on a text field. I am using AEM Forms 6.2.

To make sure none of my template code may be interfering, I have set up on a blank default form.


When I first go out of source edit mode and close the full-screen page, it appears to be correct in the dialog,


but as soon as I click the checkbox to save it, the link href goes away.

I don't think it's the link checker, because I can put external links into a static text component. Very frustrating!



Hi ChrisPasquarette

What type of field are you putting this url into the long description of?

Which version of AEM forms are you using?

It seems to work when I tried it on a text box in 6.3

Perhaps you could include some screenshots of your setup so we can try to recreate

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 20.29.56.png

I the above image, I created the first link manually and your one was copy and pasted below it in  source edit mode

I was also able to add an image:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 20.34.00.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 20.35.25.png

One thing I did notice is that it didn't save unless I went out of source edit mode and then closed the dialog, I doubt that is what your problem is but thought I would mention it