ACL evaluation for the user belongs to multiple group





       We have the users in AEM they belong to more than one group.Appropriate permissions are set for the groups.

         When the user login and access the content , which group permissions will be applied for the user  ?

         Ex: User x belongs to groups A & B

               A got permission to node content/article & content/news

               B got permission to node only content/article

         I tested this , and looks like user will have permission only for the node content/article and nor for content/news

     Please let me know how the permission evaluation wrt to user & groups.

  Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ramya,

The ACL evaluation happens in bottom-up manner, please refer User Administration and Security. To review the ACLs that are included finally, you can go to crxde and select the Access Control tab and review the ACLs inclusion.

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