Accessing AEM 6.2 livecycle application manager with java




I am attempting to connect to the livecycle part of AEM 6.2 JEE in order to update assets. But at the moment I cannot connect successfully and perform getApplications() on the application manager. Below is a snippet of the code I am using:

//Create service factory Properties
   Properties connectionProps = new Properties();

  connectionProps.setProperty("DSC_DEFAULT_SOAP_ENDPOINT", "");

  connectionProps.setProperty("DSC_TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL", "SOAP");

  connectionProps.setProperty("DSC_SERVER_TYPE", "JBoss");

  connectionProps.setProperty("DSC_CREDENTIAL_USERNAME", "administrator");

  connectionProps.setProperty("DSC_CREDENTIAL_PASSWORD", "password");

   // Create the service client factory
   ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

  ApplicationManagerClient appMgrClient = new ApplicationManagerClient(myFactory);

   //Create an application called Sample1, version 1.0 is created
   try {

// appMgrClient.createApplication("Sample1");
   List list = appMgrClient.getApplications();

  } catch (ApplicationManagerClientException e) {



I based this on code from ApplicationManager (AEM forms on JEE Java API Reference)

I have also tried ApplicationManager instead of ApplicationManagerClient

I get an exception when executing this code:

ALC-DSC-099-000: com.adobe.idp.applicationmanager.application.ApplicationManagerException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/EJBException

I have also had the below error from other tests I have performed:

ALC-DSC-099-000: com.adobe.idp.applicationmanager.application.ApplicationManagerException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.axis.soap.SOAPConstants not found by com.adobe.livecycle.dsc.clientsdk.api [496]

I think I am missing dependencies but do not know which ones. Has anyone used the application manager on AEM forms 6.2 recently and has a working example?

I am particular interested in the pom files and any additional classes that needed adding.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



I managed to work out a solution and thought I would document it here in case it helps someone else.

Instead of setting the properties for the service client factory myself like this:

ServiceClientFactory myFactory = ServiceClientFactory.createInstance(connectionProps);

I used the service client factory provider instead:

ServiceClientFactoryProvider scfProvider;


ServiceClientFactory myFactory = scfProvider.getDefaultServiceClientFactory();

As described in the page below:

AEM 6.2 Forms Help | Connecting AEM Forms with Adobe LiveCycle

I am connecting to a remote server and had to change my Adobe LiveCycle Client SDK Configuration in configMgr to the remote IP.

After doing this it connected, but I got a different error:

ALC-DSC-099-000: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Deserialization not allowed for class sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo

To fix that I found a blog post that had the solution of adding "sun.util." to the deserializationFirewall whitelist


See the following for full details:

Deserialization error submitting forms to AEM Forms JEE | The LiveCycle & AEM Forms survival kit

It then worked.

I assume I was previously missing a setting for the service client factory, but can't be sure.

For completeness, this required the following entry in the core pom file:








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Answers (3)





Yes that is right - I am connecting to a AEM JEE server. My title for this was a little misleading in hindsight, but I wanted to describe the area of forms that the problem was related too.





Are you trying to run this code within AEM or on a LiveCycle Server (or what is now a LC Server)?

So i take it you want to invoke a LC process from AEM?