6.4 no longer allows custom themes?

Christopher_Pa4 10-07-2018


In our 6.2/6.3 installation, I had set up a custom template and theme using the process shown at AEM 6.0 Forms Help | Creating custom adaptive form themes​.

We had no entry on the "Adaptive Form Theme" property of the Form Container - we would set the dropdown to blank and our template would force all look and feel.

Now we are building a clean installation of 6.4, but our above solution no longer works. I don't want to recreate all the work I did in LESS to a new Theme, and I find the the Theme Editor to be very clunky and difficult to use. Is there any way to point the theme to a "blank" theme that will allow the original template to be used?



Answers (13)

Answers (13)

Christopher_Pa4 25-07-2018

Excellent! I'll read through and double-check things.

I am noticing that it says "only if you have upgraded from a version that does not have Theme Editor" - since 6.4 requires a Theme, it might be good to add information from How to programmatically force a theme in 6.4

I had to create a new theme and strip out all the CSS in that theme, but am still encountering issues like the latest ones above, as I'm overwriting common.css, entered by having a theme. Perhaps the engineers could include a "No Theme" option in the future?

Christopher_Pa4 23-07-2018

Also, I'm finding that the div#guideContainerTheme links to /etc.clientlibs/fd/afaddon/clientlibs/adobesign/common.css and /etc.clientlibs/fd/af/runtime/clientlibs/guidetheme2/common.css are causing radio buttons and checkboxes to disappear. I am trying to recover in my custom theme code, but because the div#guideContainerTheme is at the end of the page it is difficult to over-write some sections. I can get to re-appear if I add

.guideCheckBoxItem .guideFieldWidget input[type="checkbox"], .guideRadioButtonItem .guideFieldWidget input[type="radio"] {

    /* float: none; */

    /* vertical-align: middle; */

    margin-top: 0px !important;

    width: auto!important;


to my code, but the checkboxes float to the right of the label, rather than to the left, as they should.

I may have to put an extra CSS file in my footer to correct.

Christopher_Pa4 23-07-2018

Also, I found another potential bug. All of our help icons disappeared, and it looks like the bootstrap glyphicon location may have changed?

In my CSS Less code, I had to manually update bootstrap references:

@font-face {

  font-family: 'Glyphicons Halflings';



@font-face {

  font-family: 'Glyphicons Halflings';


Christopher_Pa4 17-07-2018

One thing to watch for that I found, is that any images or imports need to have the reference links changed as well, as the library structure appears to have changed.

@import "../../../../clientlibs/fd/af/guidetheme/common/less/globalvariables.less"; ended up changing to @import "/libs/fd/af/runtime/clientlibs/guidetheme/common/less/globalvariables.less";

Christopher_Pa4 17-07-2018

Thanks! Would it be possible to be notified when published?

In the meantime I'm experimenting. I can get my webpage templates to work, but still having issues with the form templates, even after moving to /app/ file. I'm going through and checking for broken links, etc.

smacdonald2008 10-07-2018

One big difference between AEM 6.4 is older versions is clientlibs are recommended under /apps now - as opposedto /etc. If you place your clientlibs under /apps with the required CSS - it should work the same.