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Understanding AEM Smart Tags & Confidence Scores by Ankur Ahlawat


About the Author: Ankur Ahlawat is a Technical Architect for Hoodoo Digital (now Rightpoint). He has over 12 years of industry experience - 7 of which have been working directly with Adobe Experience Manager. Ankur maintains his own technical blog AEM CQ5 Tutorials and also contributes content to the Adobe Experience League. He has a number of AEM certifications, including AEM 6 Certified Developer, AEM 6 Certified Lead Developer, AEM 6 Certified Architect, Adobe Workfront Project manager Certified Professional, and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Don't worry, he doesn't spend all his time working. Ankur is also an avid runner and loves to play tennis.

Confidence Score is one of the key criteria for deciding which assets need to be shown to end users based on your search query in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Assets tagged with high Confidence Scores are displayed first followed by assets tagged with a low Confidence Score.

This article will discuss the following:

Why AEM Smart tagging is required
Understand how AEM search behaves with Smart Tags.
Update Confidence Score for Smart Tags.

Why Smart Tagging is Required:

Enterprise organizations deal with enormous amounts of digital assets, and these assets only grow over time. Given this continuous growth, it’s important that digital assets have proper metadata and tags; without this information, assets become dark assets, rendering them unusable.

Dark Assets are assets uploaded to your Digital Asset Manager (DAM) without any metadata, or without the normal metadata your organization uses to find assets. Without this information, these assets cannot be searched or located by your internal teams, rendering them useless to your organization as a whole.

However, manually tagging every asset can be inefficient and time-consuming. To resolve this problem with dark assets, AEM provides automated smart tagging for assets, using Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, Sensei. Automated smart tagging with Sensei allows businesses to improve the overall experience for their business teams with minimal effort.

However, this does come with some caveats. Smart Tagging is a one-way process, in which we cannot send feedback to Adobe Sensei to avoid specific tags on similar assets. Sensei learns using assets uploaded to Adobe Stock Photography, not necessarily by the content uploaded by your business specifically. That said, developers can curate automatically applied Smart Tags to avoid inaccurate tagging, or they can create customer-specific tags with Enhanced Smart Tagging.

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Understanding AEM Smart Tags & Confidence Scores


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