Why am I not able to see completed DAM Update Asset workflow in AEM 6.3 ?



Hi all,

I'm working on dam update asset workflow in AEM 6.3.

In prior version of AEM, I was able to see completed workflows in workflow admin page at archive tab, especially for DAM update asset workflow.

In AEM 6.3, however, I was not able to see any of completed DAM Update Asset workflow instance.

I already have uploaded many of assets and all of the renditions for those were generated w/o trouble.

I've confirmed those rendition in DAM UI.

So I though the DAM update asset workflow should be ran and completed successfully.

I need someone to explain this symptom clearly.

Thanks much.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





From AEM 6.3, the dam update asset workflow runs in Transient Mode by default, hence workflow run history is not saved and not available to the users.

You can make the workflow to run in non transient mode also to see the same in archive tab.

You can read more about the transient workflows here

https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-3/develop/extending/workflows/models.html#Creating a Transient Workflow