What is the official word on asset share pages and/or asset share ??



This page:  Creating and Configuring Asset Share and Asset Editor pages 

says this: 


Asset Share is not available anymore, but a new reference implementation is available as open source project on Package Share.

Is this in reference to the "share asset" function here: Asset link sharing  or is it referencing asset share pages?     The Package Share link referenced in the "Note" points to the old Geometrixx sample sites files. 

Both Asset link Share and Asset Share pages work on our 6.3 instance and are used.  What exactly does "Asset Share is not available anymore" really mean?

Very confusing way to do something poorly.

Jim P

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Accepted Solutions (1)




It was part of sample content of Geometrixx which is still available and you can download from Package Share. Since we did not shipped that with 6.3; more info here We.Retail Reference Implementation so you need to install that to review sample implementation.