Version management - classic vs Touch - Assets 6.3



When in classic UI and asset properties open for a particular asset, there is a "version" tab on the far right where I can easily enter version info that may be specific to us.  For example, a vendor makes an update to the asset and Product Marketing has deemed this new version, ver3A.  I can manually enter that data into the version tab.  While AEM may relate to that version as version 1.1, the label in the version data for that asset says ver3A so it is easily identifiable.   We really try to discourage putting the version number in the filename as any web published link to that asset then needs to be updated anytime the asset is rev'd.    Is the only way to manage version data or revert to an older one, done only with Classic UI?  We could also create/use a metadata field to track our internal version, but the question still remains if version management can only be done in Classic.


Jim P

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)