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Hi All,

There is a requirement to get a new widget in the metadata schema which will work as a typeahead. That typeahead should take JSON data to suggest the options on typing.

1. We tried to implement the functionality on the text field. But it distorted the metadata schema editor and we were unable to map it to the desired property. And when we edit the property for the same using CRXDE, it reverts it to the text field and the functionality of typeahead  or autocomplete is not available then.

2. We tried to set the autocomplete component as the resource type for the same. But again it is distorting the metadata schema editor.

Please let us know if someone has implemented this kind of functionality. Any help will be really appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



If I understand your question, you're not having issues with implementing the type-ahead, but maintaining the functionality after a manual edit in the metadata schema WYSIWYG editor. 


If that's the case, then that's a tradeoff we've encountered and decided to live with.  


The revision of custom metadata types is something we've also observed and seems to apply whenever you make customization to OTB metadata.


The options we've considered are as follows:

  1. Never customize metadata to maintain the WYSIWYG editor functionality.
  2. Always deploy metadata via code in order to allow and maintain customization.
  3. Greatly increase the complexity of our metadata customization efforts to also customize the metadata WYSIWYG editor whenever we make an edit.

Option #2 has seemed the right balance. Metadata structures don't change so often and business users aren't so enamored of making these changes themselves that option #1 adds a great deal of value. We've never spent a ton of time digging into #3 to determine if it's possible, but the argument against the benefits of the WYSIWYG editor also argue against this investment.


Hope this helps,


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