The mechanism of publishing assets from Author




Could someone tell me the mechanism of publishing assets?

When published asserts is changed in local author then it is published, How does publishing perfome?

Doss It peform as full,incremental or differential?

If changing asset is metadata only, does that mechanism perfome in the same way? 

I am using MongoMk and binary data is stored in MongoDB.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





In a normal setup, files are activated and published out in full. The system just knows a node is changed, and activates it accordingly, without the context of what has changed.

So when using Tar storage, this is an ideal scenario for a shared datastore, so that author and publish access the same file, so there is no copying.once you turn on binary less replication,

As you are using Mongo, then the file is shared in author only, and must be replicated out to the publish servers. This is fine unless you deal with very large files.

I think this would be good to qualify with Customer Care or post in the sticky above for a feature request


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