SVG and GIF extensions are not rendering from dynamic media



Hi Team,


We have integrated Dynamic Media hybrid mode in our project and all the images are videos are rendering from the DM cloud. We have the issue with the svg and gif formats. These 2 formats are not delivering from Dynamic Media and node structure also looks different when compare with other assets.


Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Here's what I received from Adobe S7 Support:


"SVG is not supported for Dynamic Media delivery[0].


Though, from Scene7 standpoint the SVG support is limited. As Image Serving only recognizes static SVG content, any interactive content, animations or scripting are not supported via Image Serving. SVG will be rasterized to be served as a image instead.


SOLUTION: Treat SVG as a static asset, like PDF or GIF. With that I mean, you have to serve it via content server using /is/content/. See example of your asset[1]



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Answers (1)