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Hi All, 


After installing AssetLink-configuration package for AssetLink configuration in author instance, observing that it updates default login page of AEM Author instance and added login link as "Sign in with Adobe"

In our use case AEM author users are authenticated by LDAP using federated id, whereas users coming from creative cloud app will be authenticated by using enterprise id. 

Considering above use case not seeing any use of login link "Sign in with Adobe". 


how can we remove "Sign in with Adobe" link from sign in page, and any complication we may face after removing it. 


AEM 6.4.4 version

Asset Link configuration Package reference


AEM AssetLink Login page

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Accepted Solutions (1)



@nitinjl We had the same issue and it was confusing the users as to which option to choose to login with. I have found a config that comes with the asset link config package that causes the login screen to show the option to "Sign in with Adobe".


Open up config file /apps/system/config/com.adobe.granite.auth.oauth.provider-aal-2019-04.config in crxde and comment out line 11:"ims".


After that go to http://<host>:<port>/system/console/bundles  and search for bundle "Adobe Granite IMSAuthentication Handler" and restart it. Now go back to login page and you will see that the "Sign in with Adobe" option is gone.


What I am not sure is if this will break the asset-link functionality for any apps that wants to utilize asset-link. Hope this helps.



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Answers (1)



@nitinjl Another option is to overlay login.jsp from /libs/granite/core/components/login/login.jsp into /apps/... . And then around line nbr 394, you will see a line as below:

ImsConfigProvider imsConfigProvider = sling.getService(ImsConfigProvider.class);

comment out this line and replace it with

ImsConfigProvider imsConfigProvider = null;
This will ignore the other ims provider and the login screen will look like a ootb login screen.