Shorten the DAM URL (DAM Resource Resolver)



My requirement is :  We have multiple country sites for our company(nearly 103 different country site). When it comes to Assets, business wants to maintain only 9 regions like en, fr, es, ko, jp....,      

the assets path  in dam look like, "content/dam/xxx/collaterals/en/analysit-reports/a.pdf" , "content/dam/xxx/collaterals/en/analysit-reports/a.pdf" "content/dam/xxx/collaterals/es/analysit-reports/a.pdf" "content/dam/xxx/collaterals/fr/analysit-reports/a.pdf".


Where as in html page we want place the link like for US site "en-us/analysit-reports/a.pdf" for France site "fr-fr/analysit-reports/a.pdf" to match actual site structure. .

The US site asset link should mach en-us/analysit-reports/a.pdf -> content/dam/xxx/collaterals/en/analysit-reports/a.pdf and fr-fr/analysit-reports/a.pdf -> content/dam/xxx/collaterals/fr/analysit-reports/a.pdf and so on....


Based on my java knowledge the  I tried to implement filter, when request match used the RequestDispatcher with new location, but I am getting blank pdf page instead of actual page content.  


Could someone help me what are the other options to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




to clarify: did you try the options under here?

Another way would be to add “sling:vanityPath” property to the property node of the image, but this is not exposed in the UI, to my knowledge.

So you would need to customise the screen so that the end user could modify this value.

Or if you want to control it a different way, write an app which updates the jcr directly