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Hello Team,


We have a requirement where we there are few product detail pages which needs to secured for some sensitive authoring which shouldn't be know to many till go-live. Step wise details below:


  1. Suppose standard we -retail MSM structure is followed and we have a product detail page like /content/xyz/language-masters/en/products/product1 . There also exists a published livecopy of the same as /content/xyz/us/en/product1.html
  2. Now there is some sensitive content to be added on the page which only 1 or 2 page in the organization are authorized of. Also the regular content authoring on language-master, translation , rollout should continue to happen as is.
  3. Now 1 way can be to utilize the AEM launch feature but then translation cant be achieved and also issues with maintaining permissions.


Is there any high level solution to this requirement ? Currently we are thinking of having a separate folder structure for secure pages but the next blocker is with how to merge this back with the master copy ( basically what launch promote does ) . Any better thoughts on it?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Leveraging Launch is the best option to reduce the customization. You just need to create a one/BU specific group one time and you can use that going forward to maintain the permissions.


Otherwise, you'll have to develop your own custom solution which requires a lot of dev effort plus the maintenance cost. 


I would recommend using the Launch.




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