Scene7 Polling Importer function doesn't work after install AEM Cumulative Fix Pack 6.2 SP1-CFP3



AEM Cumulative Fix Pack 6.2 SP1-CFP3 will fix the "UploadFailed"  of "dam:scene7FileStatus" in DAM asset metadata when publishing to Scene7 successfully.

But this package makes another issue: Scene7 Polling Importer function will not work properly.

Error log:

com.day.cq.dam.scene7.impl.importer.Scene7AbstractImportHandler Unable to unlock S7 asset lock for /content/dam/s7import/nature.jpg
com.day.cq.dam.scene7.impl.importer.Scene7ImportEventHandler Unable to import asset nature
java.lang.Exception: Unable to obtain lock on /content/dam/s7import/nature.jpg after a timeout of 180 seconds

This error relates to 2 new package version: cq-dam-scene7-5.9.64.jar & cq-dam-s7dam-5.9.144.jar.

Thanks for any help!