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Hi all,

I've a question: I'm using scene7 with my company account, we need to use next gen images format.

I've a problem with fmt=JPEG2000, the picture returned form scene7 is too big in terms of file size. The same picture with the old jpeg format take about 1/10 of the jpeg2000 file size.

If I set the quality parameter to get the picture with approximately same weight (around 100KB) for pictures in jpeg and jpeg2000 formats, the one in old jpeg format is better shown then the other in jpeg2000.

I'me confused, the next gen formats are been made to have pictures with better quality at less size. But it is not this case. Why?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Davide,

JP2000 file compression varies with that of JPEG and image content plays huge role in JP2K file encoding. That is the reason jp2000 images are usually same size or higher in size.

Also, going through JPEG 2000 - Wikipedia , JPEG2K spec does not mention size reduction as an advantage

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