Scene7 Image Profiles - Broken image if no profiles for an asset.




I am trying to implement smart crops for custom built component.

After adding Image profiles to an Image say Small , Medium and Large as shown in the below documentation.

I am able to access the Images using scene7 server as

But , if I have an image in scene7 but ImageProfiles are not applied to that asset/folder,  Is there a way to determine if an image has profiles setup or not using scene7 API ? so that i can do a sightly test check and have a dam fallback image instead of broken image?

I can see that OOTB dynamic media component gets the fall back image by adding ?wid=val1&hei=val2 .  But how can I achieve that for custom aem component. Please help.

Using:  Dynamic media scene7 mode

AEM 6.4 sp3

Thank you,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Naresh,

Unfortunately, no.  The Smart Crop data isn't stored anywhere in the Scene7 servers that is exposed by an API you could query.

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