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Adobe Experience Manager Assets lets you manually relate assets using the related assets feature. We have a requirement to relate 2 or more assets using bulk import process wherein related assets information will be available in cvs/xlsx.

Not sure if AEM provides any such OOB functionality, any thoughts/suggestions to achieve the ask are much appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi There,


OOTB metadata upload/download solution works only for metadata node's properties of an asset and as related assets are stored therein, it can't be done with this solution.


Either you need to write something custom which csv kind of input basing it on OOTB solution or come up with something else. One thing I can think of apart from csv solution is creating a curl script/groovy script and feeding it with right properties. You can use SlingPostServlet in those script. Need to iterate through some input format(csv) and use script which uses Post servlet post method. A lot of ground is covered at


Unfortunately nothing out of the box to rescue I guess.



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