Off-Time and Expires fields for AEM Assets for TOUCH UI



Hi All,


There are two fields associated with Assets: “Expires” (in Advanced Tab) and “Off time” (under Basic Tab) for TOUCH UI.


Off-Time: Setting the value for this field, un-publish the content when date reaches and for “Published” Status it says “Not Published”. This is confusing as if asset is unpublished or not published at all Status is  same.


Expires: When the time is reached for this field, Status come as “Expired” for Status tab but the content is not deactivated.


Why do we have two separate fields as it is creating confusion?


Does “Expires” field holds more importance in AEM?


Kindly suggest If anyone has done some more analysis around this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



“Expires” (in Advanced Tab) field waits for deactivation until the time specified in the field is reached. It works is by executing an OOTB workflow called “schedule_activation“.

This is different from the way Page On/Off time-based scheduling works, which activates the page immediately but makes the page accessible at the Publisher only between the On/Off time that are specified in the "On/Off time” (under Basic Tab) fields.

Hence, these two have their own importance and use case.

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Answers (1)