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We are recently migrating from AEM 6.1 to AEM 6.3.

In Production we have large DAM assets content and post migration we identified that in AEM 6.3 if you delete any single DAM assets itself it gives the exception as

The query read more than 500000 nodes in memory. To avoid running out of memory, processing was stopped.

Cannot serve request to /bin/wcmcommand in

I believe the warning / exception message is expected in case the query return more than specified thresh limit.

Is anyone encounter this issue with large DAM content  in AEM 6.3 or 6.2 ? If yes then can you please advise how it was resolved.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Update on the above solution.

The deleted out of box index reappear on restart of the instance and we started noticing the issue again. After further working with Adobe support team, here is the updated solution.

Step1: open the object in crx/de : "/oak:index/ntBaseLucene/indexRules/nt:base/properties/cqLastReplicationAction"

Step2: add property "index" and set the value " {Boolean} false".

Step3: go to http://[author]:4502/libs/granite/operations/content/diagnosis/tool.html/granite_oakindexmanager

Step4: search "ntBaseLucene" and click "re-index" in the column.

Step5: wait until the re-indexing to be completed.

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Answers (1)



Issue is resolved by Adobe Support Team. It is bug in AEM 6.3+ SP1 + CFP2 , instance having more DAM assets will face this issue due to wrong index value.

Problem : Asset delete causing slowness

Root cause : Cannot be efficiently handled by the ntBaseLucene index because it is (intentionally) not configured to evaluate paths constraints

Solution : Remove the 'cq:lastReplicationAction' from the Oak Index at /oak:index/ntBaseLucene (and reindex)