Migrating Large Volume of Assets (2TB) from Local file system



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I am trying to migrate large volume of assets (1 million assets) to AEM. Currently I am using a custom service which uses dam api (createasset) and copy the files into /content/dam/. Currently it is taking more than 1 day. we have 3 powerful VM's and content present is shared between these VM's. So my question is, is there any way like standalone java I can write and migrate assets into AEM. I mean i want to make my data into 3 parts and run the standalone java code on 3 VM's so that the migration will be fast. Is this possible?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Did you take a chance looking into this one? Best Approach to upload large Assets in AEM

Also, What is the version of AEM you are using? If it is 6.3, please take a moment to go through this helpx articles. There are loads of performance improvements went into the 6.3 release. There may not be a single shot suggested solution, but we could certainly accomplish bulk upload using a combination of multiple approaches.

Assets Sizing Guide and AEM Assets

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