Lightroom or Capture One output directly to AEM Assets



We are currently using Capture One to output camera images directly to an internal network file server.  The business will then use Desktop App to move the images from the server to AEM folders.  We want to remove the file server and output directly to AEM.   However, we do not see a way in the Capture One tool to configure (although it does use the Finder's and mounted network drive) and believe the Desktop App uses a different technology to connect).  BTW:  We have opened a case with Capture One, but curious if anyone has a similar requirement or need within their AEM Assets implementation. 


Or if Lightroom as a solution, we could make a case for switching from Capture One. 

Camera uploads Desktop App

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Hi Gary,


Desktop App v1 uses WebDAV to map the DAM as a network drive to allow upload from any system that can access Finder for Mac or Explorer for Windows machines.  Should work for any desktop software including Capture One.  Desktop App v2 will not support your use case.  You have to poke around to get to Desktop App v1 from the Adobe download site, but last I checked it was still available and there are no plans to end-of-life v1 at present--just no ongoing development with that paradigm.


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You might want to try Adobe Asset Link. This provides a functionality to connect your local work in progress assets in Creative Cloud to AEM.

More info:


This will provide a direct output to AEM (the one you are looking for).