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Hi All,

Release notes of our project are maintained in DAM.Release notes is a static content which has all html, js,css and images.On the root html page of the release notes is set to a vanity url.After every restart, this vanity is not picked up properly and it does not redirect to the home page of release notes and redirecting to 404 page.When we rename the vanity url and save back to original vanity url it's again redirecting to the home page of root page.

Is anyone having idea how to fix this issue.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



In addition to managing Vanity URL will be thru rewrites rules within AEM, which is to configure your /etc/map.

Here are the steps:

- configuration tree located below /etc/map

- create a new folder: type sling:Mapping

- define sling:match – partial regular expression which is used instead of the node’s name to match the incoming request

- define sling:redirect or sling:internalRedirect depending on the type of redirect

Normally it's recommended combine this with dispatcher configuration to reduce amount of hit aem publish instance but for sure you will require infra or architect with good experience for that

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Answers (4)



In AEM 6.2 the configuration is called "Apache Sling Resource Resolver Factory".  So search for that name instead.

Be aware there are other ways to define vanity urls as well.  You can add nodes at /etc/map (the location is also configured in the configuration you are looking for) referenced here Apache Sling - Mappings for Resource Resolution. Another way is to integrate with your Apache server outlined here:



Daycare has confirmed this is a bug and they will fix in upcoming CFP release.

As intermittent fix we have added sling:vanityURL has mix in type and problem is resolved.



I have found the same link in google but i am not clear about setting the path map configuration.In the below-mentioned steps,I am not able to identify Apache Sling JCR Resource Resolver section(step-2) in system/console/configMgr.

I am using AEM 6.2 SP1+CFP1,is there anything changed?What's the equivalent configuration.

URL mapping

To create a URL map between a /content URL in your repository and a shortened URL:

  1. Go to the Configuration tab of the Adobe CQ5 Web Console (http://localhost:4503/system/console/configMgr).
  2. Go to the Apache Sling JCR Resource Resolver section.
  3. Click the + sign in the URL Mappings section.
  4. In the new text box, enter the resolved URL and the vanity URL.
  5. /content/geometrixx-outdoors/en/unlimited-blog/2012/01/going_for_gold.html😕goingforgold
  6. Click Save.
  7. Finally, follow the steps to verify your vanity URL, goingforgold.