InDesign links breaking with images stored in AEM Assets



We are hoping to use AEM to link assets into InDesign files and share between our printer company and creative agency for POD projects.  Our connection to the Adobe cloud was not the greatest when we first started using AEM.   We were experiencing slow downloads and broken links when images were linked to InDesign files so we invested in a mirror server that was installed in-house to warm the cache files.  We did this at all three agencies that InDesign projects are shared between.  The connectivity to the cloud greatly improved but now we are still having issues with links breaking.  We have renamed our server path script to be consistent across all three companies so that our links wouldn't break when we save InDesign files from our server.   We mount the server location on our desktops, and try to open InDesign files after pulling them down from the AEM folder.  Wondering and hoping there is someone out there who has experience with this sort of work to discuss this situation in detail and help figure out options to correct this situation.  

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