Incorrect scene7Filestatus post publishing the asset.








Hi Team,

Please find the issue explanation as below.


scene7FileStatus - On our production environment, Few assets falls under the incorrect scene7FileStatus everyday.

We are trying to find root cause but unable the re-produce issue on lower environment.


Steps :

1] Upload the asset.

2] Enrich the metadata

3] Publish the asset to publish environment.

4] Asset also upload to scene7 bucket as we have configured it , so upon activation it's uploaded to it.

5] Issue : Scene7FileStatus should be convert to PublishComplete from PublishIncomplete. 


But for few assets it's not converting to PublishComplete, on republishing the asset it's went to right status, but we are trying to find cause for the issue while it's publishing for first time, it's not fall in right status for few asset everyday.


Please advise. We are using AEM 6.5.2.



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There could be many reasons why an asset gets stuck in PublishIncomplete. I suggest opening a support ticket with us along with complete error logs and if possible adding debugger logs[0] capturing specific calls to the dm cloud for further investigation. Also, I would recommend upgrading the instance to the latest service pack as we've fixed quite a number of bugs/issues related to the processing of assets in SP4 and above.


• = communication between AEM and Scene7.

• = keep track of uploads
• com.adobe.cq.dam.ips = keep track of uploads

Thank you for your swift response vikas. sure, We will propose to upgrade the instance to latest service pack.


Before that you mentioned no of reason asset stuck in incorrect state. May i know few reasons? 


Also you mentioned fix processes related fix in latest service pack. Is there anyone change around this?

There were some issues related to bulk processing of assets, sometimes metadata from scene7 was not updated for the assets, etc. You can also check the Publish Asset settings selected in the dm cloud config, if its set to upon activation that means assets would be replicated to dm cloud but won't be activated until to manually publish them. Try changing the setting to Immediately to make them publish at the time of uploading.

Yes, it set it as upon activation only as per the business requirement. 

Here the issue is asset successfully publish in scene7 bucket and we can see green tick also. 

But when we check asset metadata where we can see scene7Filestatus is not showing as PublishComplete.

It's still showing PublishIncomplete status.


So thinking if there is a way to detect issue when scene7 sending this pubilshcomplete status and AEM is somehow not able to capture for few asset.

Please advise.

This could be a bug as pointed earlier and as suggested kindly update the instance to the latest service pack and check if it helps. If the issue persists even after the upgrade, I recommend opening. a support ticket with a complete set of error logs for further investigation.

Hi Vikas,

Hope you are well! We can see below error in logs, is this something which cause this issue?

(dam/scene7/asset/activation)] Repository exception during Scene7 asset activation


We already proposed the service pack upgrade, however, when we check with  adobe scene7 team, they mentioned there were no sync between AEM and scene7 related fixes in service pack 6.5.6.


Please advise. Thanks!

Hi Vikas, any update on this?
Hi vikas, we have business requirement to keep it upon activation and we can't change it to immediately. In order to capture scene7 events let me try to set the DEBUG mode on calls you mentioned, will that capture scene7filestatus writing back to aem event?

We are using AEM 6.5.6 with Dynamic-media and also facing same issue, need a way to reliably construct asset URL in author and publish instance.


Once an asset is published from author instance it gets published in Dynamic Media (DM) and AEM-publish instance.

  • How an author could gain confidence if he publish an asset is release to DM has completed successful or not?

in aem-publish environment seeing dam:scene7FileStatus as PublishIncomplete

  • In some cases the meta-data on aem publish instance seems to be broken for DM (e.g. dam:scene7Domain is set as any reason why we are seeing “ " on AEM publish instance.