Implementing Client Context for DAM Asset (pdf)



     Hi we are right now in AEM 6.2  We have been implementing client context for components to author and display different page content for different scenarios.

     In the Same way we are looking into options like having metadata of the pdf also in client context. something like different metadata values of the same pdf for different scenarios.

Example: When a user of a paritcular state logs in we show metadata specific to that state.

                   When another user with a different state logs in we show completely different authored metadata specific to that state.

So, Is it possible to have different Metadata's for a pdf using clientcontext? Is not possible using client context are there any other ways to achieve this result?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




No this not available OOTB. However, if you navigate to asset details page and select settings from action bar you can change schema which would display respective schema on page.

Although i hope this should be done at project level.