How to render PDF, PPT or Word document (asset) in aem page




   I need to display assets especially PDF, PPT or word documents from content/dam  within page. Let's say page would be divided into 2 columns. 1st column I need to render asset and other column I need to display some additional information.

   Is there anyway I can render assets from DAM into page?

Thanks in advance !!!

Rajesh Karka

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I am not sure about the Embed part of ppt and word document but For PPt or Word Document you can go throught this thread may help

Powerpoint renderer for a page - AEM 6.2

For Pdf you can check this code Make sure to change the height and width accordingly.It will display pdf based on the browser setting.

<embed src="/content/dam/xyz.pdf" width="800px" height="2100px" />

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