How to override timezone in 'event.timestamp' for workflow emails?



In our project we are using Adobe OOTB workflow steps in our custom workflows, the workflow email are utilizing the template located at /etc/workflow/notification/email/default/en.txt . This txt file has a variable as Time: ${event.TimeStamp} with the value coming in emails as as Time: Mon Sep 28 16:55:50 UTC 2020 (sample value)
Now our requirement is to override/change this variable, So that it picks up local timezone of aem users, So can you guys please help me a way of modifying this UTC timezone to local timezone of users?

Could you please tell me:

1) Is there a way of modifying this UTC timezone to local timezone of users?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




I have tested the use case in my local AEM machine and started my cq jar with an extra argument Duser.timezone=America/New_York and could see that AEM server is on EST timezone by verifying in system properties file [0].


[0]:- http://<host:port>/system/console/status-System%20Properties



Upon checking the timezone in workflow schedule screen, I could see it is taking user time zone and not the server one. The following message is shown in the screen "Your timezone (UTC+05:30) will be used instead of the server setting (UTC-0400)". I then re-verified the same with our internal team and it is an expected behavior, AEM takes user/author based timezone not the server one in these authoring activities. Below is the ticket reference of the discussion with our product team:-





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