How to apply a workflow to an asset in TouchUI (AEM 6.2)



Hi guys

Just a quick question regarding assets, workflows and the new touch UI. While with the classic UI it was quite easy for authors to just select multiple assets and apply a workflow to them I could not find this option in the touch UI. Even [0] does not mention it and refers to classic UI for this. At the same time Adobe recommends to do a switch to touch UI either this or next year [1]. Can we expext that this will be patched for AEM 6.2 anytime soon? Or is it already there and I am somehow missing it?

Thx for your help




Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Thank you both for your answers. This was exactly what I was looking for. Usability wise a bit of a nightmare but at least it works. 




Authors can apply workflows on multiple assets, folders and collections in 6.2 touch UI. To start the workflow  follow the following steps

- Select multiple assets/folders/collections.

- Open the timeline.

- Click on the 'arrow' icon beside comment text box in timeline.

 - Click on 'Start Workflow button'.

- Select the workflow and click on start.

I guess that answers you query.