How do I upload svg files to Adobe Scene7 Publishing System?



To whom it may concern,

I just started using Adobe Scene7 Publishing System and would like to use svg's on our companies website. I recently tried uploading svg files to Adobe Scene7 Publishing System, however, once you do this, how do you obtain the url for the svg? When I upload jpgs or pngs, urls are generated for various sizes of the images.

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Daniel Wise

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Have you looked at:- Adobe Scene7 * Upload and publish assets

// Publishing activates the URL strings for calling images from Scene7 Image Servers to your website or application. After publishing, you can copy and place the Scene7-generated URLs where necessary in your website or application.


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I got it worked without any issues, uploaded images in /content/dam are synced to scene7 and able to access with scene 7 url. Only thing we need verify whether the mime type is allowed in below configuration.

Config name: Adobe CQ Scene7 Asset MIME type Service (

Property: MIME Type mapping (scene7.replicationFilter.mime_types)

- Ravi Pampana



There still no correct answer for the OP's question. I'm currently having the same issue. I take an SVG file, which was exported from an Illustrator file, and upload to Scene7. The upload process completes, but all I get is an error thumbnail and no URL's for sourcing.

Can anyone help with this?

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Sometimes we used to get the same issue while uploading svg image to scene7 but in our case it relates to some corruption in svg image and design team (image creation team) used to provide another svg which resolves our issue. Please check the error in the image which can provide some pointers.