How can I create Workflow Package of DAM Assets from Touch UI?



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[AEM Version : 6.3, Oak : 1.6.1]

I am aware that we can create workflow package of sites(pages) from Touch UI. (Select multiple pages -->Timeline -->Start Workflow -->Check 'Keep Workflow Package').

However, the same is not applicable for DAM Assets. Each asset invokes a separate workflow instance. I have tried with Asset Collections, but the behavior is same.

Creating workflow packages from Classic UI is still possible -- /miscadmin#/etc/workflow/packages --> Create new package --> add any type of resources --> start a workflow on this package.

I wonder that since Adobe decided to deprecate Classic UI from next version onward, there must a way to create workflow package of Assets from Touch UI.

Is there any configuration for this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Currently, workflow package can only be created using Classic UI (/miscadmin) No alternative is available for Touch UI for now.

I hope this would help.