Generating Asset ID's after Upgrade



I just did an in place upgrade of the my AEM 6.1 Environment to AEM 6.3. After i did the upgrade, i am trying to generate AssetID's for the existing Assets.

But when i invoke the migrateAllAssets in the JMX console under, it is not finding any assets.

In the logs all i can see is : 0 existing assets migrated successfully...finished.

But i can see that there are assets in the DAM and they have also been activated.

Any ideas why it is happening

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The JMX runs a query [0] and iterates over the results.

Migrating 0 assets would mean the query didn’t yield any results. Possible reasons could be:

  • There are no assets to migrate (that is, if all of them have jcr:uuids already)
    • This can happen if all the assets in 6.1 were versioned at some point of time, or
    • Migration was triggered earlier and all assets were associated with jcr:uuids already
  • Query limits are being reached and the query is being killed before completion
  • The service user (dam-update-service) used for this action doesn’t exist

In all the cases, running the query through CRX/de or querydebug.html and enabling DEBUG logs on “org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.query” should reveal what’s happening.

[0] /jcr:root/content/dam//element(*, dam:Asset)[not(@jcr:uuid)]