Generate Report of all pages and Assets from the Dispatcher.



I have a requirement where I need an export report of all pages and assets that are on each of the four dispatcher servers also include last modification date (cq:LastModified). One report for each one of the dispatcher servers. 


Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @PJ_AEM001,

To generate report of assets, you can leverage OOTB AEM Asset Report feature available at Tools Assets Asset Reports


From the Reports list, select the desired option. Asset Added is selected by default. To customize your report, click Customize Columns in the toolbar. In the Customize Columns dialog, select or deselect the available options to add or remove these options from the report. 


For page reports, please check ACS AEM commons utility


You can also fire the following SQL2 query to get the list of all active pages in AEM. 

select * from [cq:PageContent] AS s where s.[cq:lastReplicated] IS NOT NULL AND ISDESCENDANTNODE(s,[/content])

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