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Hi All,

Need some inputs. 

There's a requirement to provide bulk metadata update functionality to the client. The solution suggested is to update Touch UI screen to provide the functionality to update metadata for document sin one go.

I know there's such functionality but it requires selection of one asset at a time. Client has more than 27k documents and not defined folder tolology. So the requirement is to update metadata in one go.

It has been suggested to extend the "http://localhost:4502/assets.html/content/dam" by providing one more custom option on the screen. Need some example which shows how we can customize the screen.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





I'm not sure I fully understand the need to customise the screen.

For a large number of updates like this, best to write a program to access the JCR directly, and not use AEM at all:


To maintain over time, for new assets, if there is some need, you could use a custom launcher, for example. But ideally I think, the end users shoudl maintain the metadata, before teh files enter AEM, and after they are in the system



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