Export assets from Scene7 between specific dates



Hi All,


Is it possible to export assets from scene7 between specific dates?


What are the best options that are available to export assets from scene7 to AEM without custom script/code.


Currently, we can manually export 500(count)/1GB of assets by selecting them from scene7.

Earlier we have reverse sync option in AEM where we can sync assets from scene7 to AEM. This is deprecated from 6.3


Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Teja,

Thank you for contacting Adobe Scene 7 Community.

Do you want to export assets from Scene 7 Publishing System?

If yes, you may use "Date Range" option (under "Jobs" section) while exporting assets




Choose "Custom Date Range" and specify your date, on the Custom Date window and submit your request

Exporting asset from Scene 7 to AEM, might require using Scene 7 IPS API integration.


Vikram Gaur

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