Dynamic Media Report Suite ID has not generated automatically.



Hi All, We are using Dynamic Media(AEM 6.1) for Video/Image. In this Adobe Doc link its mentioned the ReportSuiteID is automatically generated for video reports when we configure Dynamic Media Cloud Service. It didn't create the reportSuiteID for us so we visit Tools ->  Assets -> Reports -> Video Reports, we are not seeing the reports. Does anyone know how to regenerate the reporting information like Tracking Server , Tracking Namespace and reportSuiteID for Dynamic Media reports? The reports are working fine in our Pre-production environments , we can see the reportSuiteID generated and can see the reports also. The problem is happening only in production. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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To configure Dynamic Media :- Configuring Dynamic Media

//For reports to work correctly, a Report Suite ID is automatically created when Dynamic Media Cloud Services is configured.

Make sure cloud service is connection properly.