DAM upload asset overrides the dc:title



Hi Team,

We have encountered the issue several times with different file formats i.e. .pdf , .ppt , .xls etc. 


Whenever the document gets uploaded in DAM and if that document contains the title in its property then the title in the metadata takes that value

1. If suppose I updated the title after uploading the document in DAM and save.

2. After 4-5 days I have to upload the new version of the same document in DAM with the title which was previously present.

3. Now here comes the problem where the title present in metadata get over riden by the new version uploaded.

I need some help to avoid such problems and wanted to know if any condition can be applied on DAM Update Metadata workflow.

Thank you in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




dc:title is part of metadata standard Dublin Core, external to AEM, so you could make sure that this is updated prior to the file being uploaded.

Assuming that is not possible/not practical you'd have to look at customising the dam update asset workflow, but I ma not sure where exactly this is being set