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Custom Metadata schema dialogs ordering.


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We have created a custom metadata schema (Path: /conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension/metadataschema/dam-schemaeditors) and this schema will be applied to all asset types like Image,Video,PDF,excel sheet etc.

So, the currently created node structure for the schema is as follows:


"items" is the default and will be applied to all asset types.


The asset specific attribute labels is added in particular asset. For example, width and height attributes are specific to image asset (not pdf, video) and is added in image node only.


So, when we open an image on which the above schema is applied , the dam properties would be visible as below.


In the above snapshot, image asset specific attributes (width and height) are appended at the bottom.

Suppose we want width and height to be before Tags field label in Metadata Section.

Is there any property  that can be added to position the label ?

Thank You!

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