Custom Metadata Not Showing Up on Brand Portal



I have gone through the process for creating a custom Metadata Schema that is outlined below:

Use the metadata schema form

I am able to successfully apply & save custom metadata values within my Author - Assets area.  I have also implemented the Custom Search Facet functionality that is outlined in the following article, which I have been able to get working as expected in the Author - Assets area. 

Use custom search facets

I have also published the Metadata Schema and Search Facets to Brand Portal as outlined here:

Publish presets, schema, and facets to Brand Portal

However, when I publish an asset with a value entered into a custom metadata field to our Brand Portal, the custom metadata field & value(s) that are visible in our Author - Assets area are not showing up in the asset properties on Brand Portal. 

Please see attached screenshots.  Any ideas on what needs to happen beyond what I've outlined above to get this working as expected? 

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In our case it was a permissions issue.  We submitted a Daycare ticket and after reviewing our logs in the following location, we identified the user that needed to have permissions adjusted. 

AEM > Tools > Deployment > Replication > Agents on Author > {our environment} MP Replication Agent0 Default > View log

Once that change was made, we were able to get our custom metadata and corresponding custom search facets to publish to Brand Portal as expected.  I'm not sure if that will help in your case but that's the breakthrough solution on our end.



I have the same issue, but mainly for the dropdown field type.  The single line metadata seem to show correctly.

Did you figure out your issue?