connect to another AEM DAM from an AEM instance search page



Hi Team,

Can somebody tell how to connect to another AEM DAM from an AEM instance search page and search for assets and render thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnails will be an external link to the asset.?

Thanks in advance.

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kautuk sahni​. SInce there are limitations in the current release of Connected Assets, is Exposing the assets from Instance 2 using Content fragments a viable option.



Sampath works with me in my project. Pls allow me to clarify.

The business need is as follows:

- They have 2 AEM instances with the Instance 2 being used exclusively for Adobe Assets

- The application is deployed in Instance 1 and should have capability to embedded assets into a page as link for download

- The search functionality in the application deployed in Instance 1 should be able to search DAM assets & their metadata from both instances

One of the options is to use a search indexer like Apache SOLR and index both instance there however the customer doesnt want us to introduce a new software to their stack which will take 3-6 months for approval.

The second option is to use some kind of a feed from Instance 2 and create the nodes(with absolute urls to Instance for binary) in Instance 1. The assets still reside in Instance 2 but just a bare metadata and absolute url in node in instance 1.

Is there any other better approach?



Hello smacdonald2008​. If my plan is to use AEM assets  as a central asset repository for my organization and have multiple applications consume the assets (meta data + binaries) from this central repo. Is this an ideal use case for AEM assets





Ratna is correct - while you can use HTTP to access assets on other AEM DAM instances - you cannot hook up the AEM DAM UI to another AEM instance.