Configuring Smart Tags on a local AEM



I'm interested in testing the Smart Tags feature on a local instance.

I took a look at the instructions in the video at Adobe Experience Manager Help | Set up Smart Tags with AEM Assets and have a few observations:

1) My OSGI console doesn't have the DAM Similarity configuration available

2) When I hit the  URL mentioned in there, I get a 503 error "Back-end server is at capacity"

3) When I try to upload an image to test the Smart Tag, I get an exception " A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at character 0 of " (and I suspect that the root cause is the same 503 error)

I also took a look at Configuring Smart Tags Cloud Service​ but it appears my dialog for the cloud service configuration differs from the author of this article. The article says to only fill in the first two fields of the cloud service, but for me, all 6 are required. I tried using the two specified in this article, and then filling the rest with "demo" as shown in the first article, but I see a number of exceptions. Not sure if they're all related to this, but they include " com.adobe.granite.keystore.KeyStoreNotInitialisedException: Uninitialised key store for user dam-update-service" and "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Communication with authorization server requires HTTPS"

Are there other articles I should follow? Anybody seen this behavior?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Are you sure you are fulfilling the prerequisites mentioned in the link Configuring Smart Tags Cloud Service

Before you can use the Smart Content Service, ensure the following to create an integration on Adobe I/O:

  • An Adobe ID account that has administrator privileges for the organization.
  • The Smart Content Service service is enabled for your organization.