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Hi All,


There is a requirement, to get the Color Space(RGB,CMYK, Grayscale etc.) of an Image Asset of below types in AEM Java Servlet :

Image Types: "jpeg", "jpg", "png", "tiff", "tif", "psd", "eps", "psb"

We have already tried with below APIs:

  1.       org.apache.commons.imaging.ImageInfo -  For some assets it is giving correct value, but for                others it is not returning the expected value. Also this API doesn’t support EPS files.  
  2.       javax.imageio.ImageIO -  This API is not supporting CYMK Color Space files. 

Also, the values returned by these APIs are not matching with the values we get in Adobe Photoshop.

Please help us with some solution on the same. Any help will be really appreciated.




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Accepted Solutions (1)



The problem is that color space metadata isn't stored in a consistent place by file type or creating application. There's no way that I'm aware of OTB to pull this information within AEM.  You'd have to add a custom media handler in a custom WF step on Update Asset WF and find a library that will identify color space.  

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