Can metadata schema form auto adjust to contents?



Is there a way to have a component for the metadata schema expand based on the contents of the node? 

For example we have a field called "legacyMetada" which came from previous DAM systems.  This legacyMetadata can have many words and values that are strung together on the node:

{"IndexClass":"NYPD-Gap","AssetClass":"Accessories","AssetNumber":"20061018.00.00011","SampleType":"Headwear-Other","Description":"White straw cowboy hat with embroidered flowers","Department":"Girl's","Classification":"Straw","Details":["Overall Design"],"PurchasedFrom":"Retail","Season":"Summer","Year":"2006","SecGroup":"NYPD - Gap","SecType":"_grp"}

Currently, the form display is a single line and the user has to "scroll" to see the full contents.  Is there a way to have the form adjust to the amount of content?

Ideally, we would like to parse out these values and put into a proper metadata space but do not know how...





This is not available out of the box. You would need to develop a lot of custom functionality in AEM to perform this use case. There is no example or doc for this either.




there is no OOTB filed predicate to cater this use case offered by Assets Metadata Schema Editor. There is text area componen[0] offered by the Granite's platform which can be used to add a custom field predicate. All field predicates at Metadata Schema Editor are the wrapper of  Granite platform's form elements, be it textfield, sectionheader, dropdown etc.

Moreover [0] takes rows, cols and max-length  as an input parameter to control the textarea height/width on rendering, these configurations should be set dynamically based on the metadata content length.

[0] /libs/granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/form/textarea