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Brandportal Tag publishing - cleaning up old tags


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Hello dear Community!!!
I am the best in finding new problems ;D

What i discovered today: 
Brandportal does not automatically gets tags unpublished that are deleted from the AEM instance.
So our BP contains a lot of those OOTB tags that we deleted very early on in the project
"Standard Tags" for example...

Now i want to clean up the Brand Portal and this "Standard Tags" is not that easy to get rid of.
Since i can not delete / unpublish a tag from BP - i created a new namespace "Standard Tags" in AEM, then unpublished it. No effect. Then i published it to BP and found that the "Standard Tags" in BP seems to be different than the one i created. But i can not see how it is different ;(

So, dear BP users, did you figure out a way to keep your BP tags clean?
/clean it up after the fact...

Did you know a way to get rid of those ooooooooold tags that nobody knows what the settings exactly were?

And to you, dear Adobe:
Please allow the Brand Portal admin a little bit more than it is currently the case.

Please let me know what you experienced! 
@Me - so i get a notification

Otherwise, have a great weekend!


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Hello dear Community,
on my journey to clean up the tags i have stumbled upon another thing that is troublesome.
I also received feedback from the adobe support ticket that i have created regarding this issue.
As we all have learned by now - it's needed to depublish a tag before you change / delete a tag.
If you have deleted a tag which is on Brand Portal - you need to recreate the tag, depublish it, then delete it again.

Now comes the next troublesome thing.
Did you know that a tag needs to be published to BP to appear there?
And did you know that this should automaticly happen as soon as you publish an asset?
The manage publication / the quickpublish does not catch the references (the tags) when you publish to BP. It does the trick when you publish to AEM. 
This wizzard simple does not appear:
Here how it looks in an AEM Quick Publish:


In the manage publication to BP - you can see where the references are not getting fetched.


The "Fetching References..." rolls forever and ever ;D

I have added this to the support ticket - and I will let you know what comes of it.


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Update tldr:
This TAG situation is getting more and more confusing and I suggest that i get in touch with somebody at Adobe about this. 

Update in detail:
It feels like the tagging system - how to manage tags, how to publish them, how to merge and delete them, how to change values in the system accordingly - is a bit broken. If it is as intended, at least it is is not what it seems to be.

Let me explain, or what Decard Cain used to say, stay a while and listen...:
Once upon a time, i was instructed to do all my changes in the DEVeloper environment, then create packages which i then have to sent to our Developer, so he can put the content of the package into our Master Branch, so that the next deployment will not reset the changes.

This was also done for the tags. (Now we reversed that policy, since tags had to change way more often than deployments were done)

Lets start by saying that i fully understand that the "merge tag" functionality can not work as you might hope by uploading packages and then deploying those packages.
But the "merge" function does also not really work if you do it in the PRODuction enviroment - therefore it does not really "really" work at all. It provides the function, but creates a lot of broken assets in the process.

You see, a tag that is created, will be written into the metadata of assets and then it stays there.
You can merge that tag into something else, your metadata within the asset is not changed.
You can rename a tag... sure... but this gets confusing very fast and I would not suggest this approach, and even if you do - this will not solve all the tags that have to move within the namespace- or tag structure.

So, as soon as you update your tagging structure, you will create broken tags in a lot of assets.
This becomes not visible in a warning!
(Forget the Brand Portal Tag publishing for now... this will become interesting later ... in a bad way)
You will notice that something is off with your tags within the asset-details or when you export your cq:tags metadata via a csv export.
This will then be your best approach to repair your assets. (Maybe there is a better, i haven't found one yet).
Now here comes my suggestion:
Wouldn't it make more sense that the tag management also has some impact on changes within the tag values of the assets? You merge a tag into something else, the system needs to do something with assets that hold this old tag. It also should check if this tag is published to BP and depublishes it. Otherwise you land where I currently am - where I have to recreate old tags, to depublish them in the BP, to delete them right after ... in the PROD environment.
Dear Adobe - this current way of managing tags creates a lot of problems.
Lets have a talk about it. You have my number


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I have a ticket regarding this situation and it is the most unsatisfying ticket i ever hat with the adobe support.
I tell them that this very good feature, that publishes "just the right tags to BP" does not work anymore... apparently.
This feature was so good, i wasn't even aware how cool it was before it stopped working.
I can see that it must have worked before! Here have a look at my community question... bla bla...

The response here in short, but to be honest it wasn't  that much longer in full.
- I talked to the BP team - You need to publish tags to BP.

I come back and say:
"Wait a minute, I see that there is something wrong here. Look, here is a screenshot, also please have a look at the community post i created... details details..."
The response minimaly shortened:
-  You need to publish tags to BP.
So unless i find a better solution to get this back on track...
Be aware- "you need to publish tags to BP"...