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Assets search on the side panel


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Hi All ,

I was searching for specific assets with a keyword (partial text). I was able to see all assets in the search results matching with searched keyword on the assets.html .
I was trying to search with same keyword on the sites.html using side panel , But there I see only few search results.
we are using aem 6.2 sp1 cfp 16


Expectation was to show same no of search results.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 10

I am not sure what community can do in this question. This is how AEM 6.2 seems to work. There is no configuration setting or any other procedure that community can point you to. If you feel this is not working as it should be - please log a support ticket so Eng can fix this.



When searching in the sites.html page, you will not see assets, as the search will exclude /content/dam

When searching in the assets.html page, you will only see content under /content/dam


Level 3

I am seeing this issue only on Chrome and later I tried l on Firefox and  IE and then I do not see any issues with search results  . Seems like a browser issue.
Thanks you all for responding.