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We have a requirement to make author enter a set of mandatory metadata info on Asset upload and if they dont enter it, the Asset shouldn’t be uploaded. Is there any known implementation of such a use case?

Maybe instead of the upload form, we show a browse button + the mandatory fields and popup an upload form on drag/drop.

just to be clear, the mandatory fields are to be updated not after upload by opening up the properties. Any suggestions or examples?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



You can try something like creating a folder under /apps and then creating own metadata form. You would need to write a js to invoke the metadata form while asset upload.

I see some implementation in a blog - Experiencing Adobe Experience Manager - Day CQ: AEM 63 - Touch UI Assets Console add Metadata while ...

You can refer here for some guidelines as well.

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Answers (4)



Sorry for not being able to answer the question properly. I thought that your use case can be implemented by customizing asset pop up window as described in the links above to have desired fields.