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Why do we have to enter all the image related tags to get a preview?

The flow is as follows:

  1. Uploaded an INDD file (2-page brochure template) as an asset. Got all the previews using InDesign Server
  2. The 2-page brochure template has 3 image tagged frames which are editable.
  3. We created a brochure by selecting this INDD template, enter the name of template and Click on "Create".
  4. On success, we click on Open to get to the Edit template page.
  5. In the edit template page, we drag and drop one image into the page-1-image tag frame. WHY DON'T WE GET THE PREVIEW OPTION ON ADDING THE FIRST IMAGE?
  6. In the page-2-images tagged frames, we drag and drop the rest of the images, THEN WE GET TO SEE THE PREVIEW & CLICK HERE TO VIEW CHANGES.

Why is it that we don't get to see the preview option on entering an image or text tagged frame in the first go rather getting preview option only after entering all the image tagged frames? Please let us know.


Nishanth T