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Hi Team,


This use case is for cleaning of the assets from the author which are unreferenced and we want to have the same use case for workflow deactivation of the page 


Below is the use case:

Step 1: Create page A and use image component with image A authored and publish the page A.(NOTE : Image A is newly uploaded asset and is referenced only in page A. Also it is published.)

Step 2: go to damadmin and open image A - if we see under the references tab - it will list only one reference i.e. page A

Step 3: Now update the image component with image B in page A and do not publish the page A.

Step 4: In Author - Page A has image B referenced and in Publish - Page A has image A referenced.


Assuming we want to clean up unreferenced assets then Image A is orphan as it is not having any references. If we deactivate this asset then at the publisher end - page will break as asset will not be found.


We are looking for some APIs which will provide asset reference go through previous versions of the page A and check if the asset is really orphan or not. 


Thanks in advance

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